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later sk8ers...

So, today was busy'er than hell... I've printed off a monstrous stack of Lj friends posts and if I'm a lucky guy... I'll be able to post a bit in the morning... But this is it till morning... My wife (zebra) thinks I am totally nuts to be so morose about not being able to check Lj in the evening.

Seven reasons why I miss Lj...

1) The book (Lj) just keeps getting written... and after a point it's dam hard to catch up.
2) I totally love my ljfriends... I talk about you all as if you were people next door, or at work or sum'thin... and it hurts to be away from the ones you love ... right Jessa?
3) Missing wisdom from sextips...
4) debby is posting pictures... I love the ones I've seen so far!!!!
5) lothie got a cam... I'll miss all the stuff she posts by accident... hehehe...
6) How the hell am I supposed to get a good nights rest without checking Lj psychotically before I go to bed? I get so much out of considering my responses to your posts....
7) You guys are so nice to me... ???? Do you realize how that great that makes me feel...

Fill my hotmail account would ya?

L8er Sk8ers
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