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It's a swish swish day... and actually I am seriously not looking forward to the rest of the day. First of all, I'm late. I have to be at a client site by nine, so i'm not gonna have any chance to look at gina or kellie's journal and I am hella excited to see if they posted a note about their meeting last night. They are net friends (lovers) that have been Lj'ing for a long time across a continent and an ocean.
Any ways;

~ the dark swish swish cargo pants (pockets inside of pockets!)
~ my very favorite T shirt...
~ boxers, sox and dem shoes again. Seems wearing th runners was not a problem...not yet.
~ to spend a lot of time yawning (gag... I am soo tired today)
~ to take my home pc... the one with the cam attached ... in for service. The thing practically melted last night... I want multiple fans in this thing.
~ that i could do more tangible things for my Lj friends - so much kindness and love deserves to be rewarded...
~ I could take back a dumb ass post I made last night... well I could X it, but that's not what I mean... the whole convo with a friend deserves to be purged from my consciousness - and hers.
~ for a great new beginning of a day to wrap itself around LuCynda (if you can imagine it ... it can be achieved.)
~ that I could just stop and give my survivor babe friend, the CotterPin Nicster, a small but very significant hug and congratulate her on making a world class point.

Hey... I'll be out of touch for most of the day?? morning ?? so don't do anything exciting or I'll miss it... (rats)

Daizee, I'm sorry I didn't get to your journal last night... but I read your q on the bus and really wanted to answer... You are my friend because I was drawn to your story of lexi's recent arrival. The heather graham picture helped but that was insignificant. I've kept you because I like you... I like to keep track of you...

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