Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

music question

I am searching for a song title...

It's a mid 80's release... rock'ish song. I keep wanting to call it "Switching to glide..." but that's not it.
(I'm gonna get some words wrong... )

First line: (comes in after an organ heave lead in...) "hey judy..., wheres trudy..."

Second line: "Hey little donna, ... still wanna...."
Third line: "You said to call you up when I was in Toranna" (he's saying Toronto!)

Later in song: "The sky's the limit, this time we're switching to glide..."

Memorable Line: "Nothing matters but the weekend... From a Tuesday point of view."

I heard it on a retro rock show yesterday and the memories were just flooding back... and I want to download it... but I have no idea who or what it's called.
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