Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

alrighti then

Much better... all showered up and heading for the day...

~ right now? a pair of boxers...
~ in a bit? a pair of shorts... :D
~ to shave...
~ to put on "smell good"
~ to climb back in bed and wake up Z who is zzzzzz....
~ I had a maid service...
~ no, not that kind (well it'd be fun too) but one that cleaned up... :D

It's a beautiful day in Ottawa and I'm looking forward to a relaxing day...

We're supposed to go to a friends house tonight... every 2 months, we and two other couples get together for a night of socializing (we all have "two boiz" around the same ages... that do not join us on this 2 month evening!!). Problem: the host couple reported a strep throat infection with one of their boiz earlier this week... we'll see if tonights still a go later...

Best part of owning a kick ass TV and DVD player (well, one of the best parts) is short notice babysitting... the sitters basically line up... Ha!
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