Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok, so I'm just say'en...

Heaven takes many forms...
... holding a 2 month old baby that loves it when you hold her is right up there.
... spending an entire hour with somebody elses baby like this is really getting up there.
... listening to the new parents ohh and ahhh about how good the baby is being for me is the essential cherry crowning this glory.
I am looking DOWN to see heaven...
... oh and I packed in an indian lunch buffet while doing this...
need I go on?
How 'bout... I'm eating belgian chocolat flavoured frozen yogurt while I type this... it's an ongoing orgasm of sunlight and inappropriately dressed summer student employees all over the streets around here...
Are you getting the idea here...
It would take a dissaster of global proportions to make a dent in this mood...

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