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Hey Lj ... so the earring is a little smaller, and I've managed to clear a few personal things off my "to do" list and had a blast with some Lj threads last night… but I think I'm going to have to cut back on Lj this weekend just to remind Z that she still comes first... :D

I'm still in heaven over the package thing from SA... Oh, have I mentioned what an unimaginably beautiful day it is? I mean, blazing sunshine, cool air, a Friday (which kinda helps anything go from good to great) and the best news? A meeting I have this big-assed document to read for isn't until 10:00 and I've been stressing about it 'cause I thought it was at 9:00... Looks like I'll be ready after all…

~ FTL boxers, snug and comfy
~ blue jeans
~ most fav shirt... (the orange stripe shirt)
~ to get ready for this 10:am meeting
~ to go to the meeting...
~ see who, if anyone, on management wants to talk contracts with me... hence buy me lunch... :D
~ to stretch like crazy today… I woke up with one of those killer - KILLER - leg cramps this morning, as in I'm still limping.
~ well, this is easy... a couple of my friends, debby and canuckgirl have had to deal with some harsh realities... little babies (not their own, but close) with medical problems... something just so unfair ... any ways, all my wishing is taken up with prayers for good fortune, health and peace in the worlds of those babies mom's and dad's.
~ a Diamond Rio Volt, a portable cd/mp3 player... mmmm

ps. I felt like a monster last night when I had to blow off "reading time" with Geo at bed time... I had this new book (from the SA package) and everything... but we had reached the frigging infamous "3", counting little pecker-head like behavior and I had to do the follow-through... I know for sure it's the right thing to do and does more good than harm by a country mile... still feels crummy.

Have a wonderful day Lj... It's friday and it's beautiful - this has just got to work out!..

Oh yea and there's a pair of high healed shoes on that kitchen chair in my bedroom…
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