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Thursday .... today is going to be great! Is sunny and clear and there's really nothing negative going on at work. Actually there's a good chance I might find myself shipped off to a Transport Canada office today to install this "point in time recovery" solution for an Oracle environment... this could take two days! eak. This, while sounding like actual work versus the joy of total slacker-ism that I prefer, is actually a good thing... New Month! need billable days this month.

~ b.u.m. equipment snug boxers
~ cotton dark blue cargos
~ my new b.u.m. shirt... ( i really like this shirt)
~ to use all these daily pictures in a gallery on the playground (my web site)
~ to go through 18 billion pictures what we've taken with the dig cam for another gallery... and I want to setup something cool for the gallery paradigm.
~ to go to the dentist at 1:00 today... time for the big poke and scrrape.
~ for more time... (just a general thing...)
~ that time between now and "Jimmy in hand" passes quickly for my darlin super blossom, Kristy (who's name I always spell Krysti, backspace over and retype - drives me nuts).
~ that the most delicious girl in all of Boston, lisa the lady-on-fire, become a test market case for the new star-trek transporter system (if they'd just hurry up and invent it) so she could be in Norway whenever se wants...
~ and just a short note to say "congrat's on the decision" to another lisa ten, a highly contagious girl with a sometimes cam (can't take my eyes off of her).

A wee goof thing… I forgot to put on the D&G today, so as I got off the bus I went into the drug store and stood in front of the locked "scent" cabinate. Helper-girl shows up with a key and an offer "can I help you with anything today?" Me: "Well I see there's two scents from Dolce and Gabbana… 'Masculine' and "Homme" I'd like to try the Masculine today - on my, not a sample card, and come back tomorrow morning and try the Homme… What'd ya think?" So I managed to get my daily shot! LOL.

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