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Today has been a good day. It started with a bunch of dynamic tension and super-dooper work stress - this is actually a great deal of fun for me, a really great part of the job.... It's a bit of a rush. The day has been super easy going ever since... and it's really quite relaxing.

I got home early'ish from work and we managed to get groceries before pizza and company.
Our friends have a wee baby and it's a blast to watch a baby laughing, pulling fingers, and being all cute like babies! Ok, so little jacqueline ("Jacks'r'better" in my book) is four months!!! old not 4 weeks. Sheesh time flies...

We had a nice dinner and got social all evening... it was nice. Jacks'r'better was a perfect angel and the boiz were good (they have been in this phase lately that makes everything one long fight with each other.) We let the kiddies stay up too late though... and Z works tomorrow so I'm betting they'll be cranks in the morning. Maybe should get some pancake batter ready tonight... hmmmm...

A very casual and uneventful evening...

--- Mr. Postman, look and see....

I received a grooven post card from the lil'junebug.... the First post card I've ever received from Las Vegas.

--- Is there a package, a package for me...

The post man* brought us a box today .... my package from a fellow package-gangster lothie. What a blast! I'll post a picture 'n stuff in the community lothie... I love it. Thank you so much (as i chew on a choc covered cherry from Starbucks... and some other treats.. and and stuff.

*HA! Like I'd ever see a postman!.... we don't get mail at home. We have to walk up the street to this mini wall of postboxes... I know most people do this ... doesn't it just suck?!!

Any ways... I'm to bed soon...

L8er Sk8er

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