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ok, so....

First things first... the show went great. It went too long but it was all good! My team looks good no only to the clients but to the senior mngt types that were there... (go me!)

On another note: tears don't go well with tommy hill-fingered shirts... I'm so moved by Kym's post to say happy birthday to her son, I had to wash my face after!!! (told ya I was feeling emotional) ... then I read about my friend's (debby) sister (tina) and the challenges she is having with her little baby (still inside mom.. sorta) and I was just pouring on the waterworks... You just gotta know that my heart is filled, positively bursting, with prayers for Debby and her family.


It's home early for me today and get ready for dinner guests... a good friend is coming to din with her hubby and their new (?? 4 weeks) baby... and Z needs a little help recovering from a very kid crazy day at home...

note to self: remember to buy a new razor blade (squatchie maintenance coming up) on the way home...
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