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Aww shucks guys...

I get soooo angry that I practically shake when I read about gun accidents... it just drives me to rant...

Hence MY RANT.

Looking back, I guess I invited criticism by using personal terms that sounded more like pointing fingers at people then at the issues....

To my friends that are gun enthusiasts... I will repeat myself and say that I will support your right to have an opinion different than my own until breath leaves my body.

We all, by now, know my opinion on this divisive issue... but an apology is due if you personally felt attacked. I'm not about attacking my friends...

I am about - in this case - attacking an issue.

Footnote: This is my journal.

If you are made to feel bad by reading it... please don't.

If, on the other hand, your grow by exploring opinions that do not align out of the box with your own... then indeed... read.

I value my journal friends more than you can imagine... I cannot stress this enough... Nor can I stress enough that I express myself in my own journal - acknowledging that as a public (or semi public) forum I will make a reasonable effort to present my words in a non threatening manner. I want to embrace what it is that makes Livejournal so much more than a few sheets of paper stuffed into a box beneath my bed.

(That is you... my friends. You make this more than it might otherwise be. )

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