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What the hell is it with people and guns?

I read about a test performed in Atlanta recently ... they put kids ages 8 - 12 in a room one at time. Somewhere in that room (in a drawer) was a handgun. (not loaded btw) and here's what happened... 75% of the kids FIND the gun. Nearly half of them handle it... and one-forth of them pull the frigging trigger!!!! When they picked up the gun... what did they do first? Look straight down the barrel. None of the kids new that the gun was not loaded... 90% of the kids that handled it had previously received some sort of gun safety instruction.

Ok, so while I don't necessarily enjoy pissing off my friends that are gun enthusiasts... I have to say... you're a bunch of phuquing morons... People need hand guns like I need always pads!!!! And don't gimmi this protect my house and home bs... another article in the same paper... A Norristown, PA man pumped eight shells into his neighbor (three in the head) after finding the naked neighbor drunkenly stumbling into the guys basement... he had the wrong house... Yea no kidding.

Sure, I can dig issues related to living in the country and owning a riffle, but take your frigging hand guns and shove 'em up your....

For the love of god people, have none of you realized that it was a hot fricking day back when they were signing the declaration of independence??? They just wanted the right to wear short sleeved shirts.

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