Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, Sept 25

Proof positive that we have far too narrow a definition of prostitution.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

The public school teachers union and the government have been going at it again around these parts. The government and the Union wait till the last frigging second before they get all pissy about the contract running out of time… then both sides start the “posture war” with grand pronouncements about what a drag each other is at the bargaining table… and then, when it looks like the teachers are going to go on strike, after their summer vacation, the government passes pre-emptive back-to-work legislation that has the net effect of … SCREWING UP KIDS SCHOOL YEARS.
I fucking hate the way the Teachers Union and the Government refuse to play ball until they can turn the kids into their pawns.
Teachers… are pretty much super heroes in my books. Their unions, on the other hand, can collectively (pun intended) jump off a tall cliff any ol’day of the week. The union says “spit” and the teachers have to say “how hard, and do you want a luggie?” because anything less gets you blacklisted. Result: all extra curricular activities are screwed over. And by “extra curricular” we mean… a lot more than coaching the damn football team. Lunch time help sessions, clubs and all manner of social activities… all in the pooper.
If you don’t think all that stuff is important… you have no clue, and I can’t teach you. But the fact remains that High School is the last stage of baking the adolescents that will become the doctors, lawyers, tradespeople, politicians, etc. etc etc etc etc that will be running the world. We do the world a disservice – in the extreme – by ignoring their social development.
I’ve lived through teacher strikes, work-to-rules, etc. and I am absolutely sick of this bullshit. I wish there was another way.
We can afford to buy 35 billion dollars worth of fighter jets to protect other countries interests in far off lands and put our own sons and daughters in harms way … but we can’t afford to provide glue sticks to kids in grade 4.
Dear Everyone: This is just wrong.

Homeland – because Claire Danes makes other actresses look like wanna-bes.
Archer – because everybody should get to laugh this hard. :D

A friend at work has a new iPhone5. Up until I laid my hands on it… I was all thinking “I just want to upgrade to a 4s and I’ll be happy.”
Yeah… well that’s over.

Ps. Hi caranya. :D

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