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Ok, blarg... blech...
Not a marvelous start to today. I have a general yucki feeling in my guts today... I remember reaching for the alarm clock at 6:45 but I don't remember anything else until my next view of the clock at 7:45. I made the 8:11 bus.
No coffee! No time to make my regular car cup of coffee that I power back on the buss. So, I'm late and I don't have a coffee in my system yet. Maybe coffee and a muffin will help that yucki feeling :D

~ cotton cargos
~ white company golf shirt
~ black sweatshirt
~ these big assed heavy shoes... (always reminded how heavy they are when I'm running for a buss.)
~ to buy a coffee!!
~ to do a bunch of work on proposals for my two biggest clients
~ to get over feeling yucki and somehow find a silver lining in today!
~ maybe some charlottesville radio will help??
~ I was more limber... must streeeetch body! (psst. I'm getting there)
~ the very best of good luck and success for my friend allyn - who is on day 2 of this California aids ride.

Hey, so listen, I wanted to say Hey to a couple of new fiends - the Catherine (cath555) - and she lives right here in Ottawa!!!! and Sarah (saira928)
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