Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 4

Ola lj. :)

Today was a good day. I’m sore all over… but that’s ok.

My darl’en Zee is doing great. We found our way out of the confused darkness and we’re living the life. Seriously… if I could give the world a gift… I would figure out how to give away what ever it was we did to become so happy, passionate and comfortable together. My little boys… are not so little any more – and they’re great too. Ed (aka grasshopper) continues to go to three karate SLASH stick fight’en classes a week and he’s doing great in school. (go figure). Geo is pushing grade 11 to turn into grade 12 and then ohmyfreakinggod… but I try not to think about that. :) He’s doing great and imagining life as a computer programmer.

Suz and I have pretty much turned “working out” into our primary hobby and pastime. ☺ In fact, I look back over my FB account and feel a bit silly when it starts to look like it’s just a “record of check-ins” at the gym. :D
This means I’m at the gym with coworkers every day at lunch… following a five day track of weight-training… repeating for four weeks and then it’s switched for a new one. But it’s always “legs, arms, back, shoulders, abs”. Suz and I go to cardio sessions while Grasshopper has his stick’fight’en class… so that’s three nights a week… and we’ve got the “insanity 60 day workout” videos for getting a crazy intense workout at home.
This all started from very reasonable plans… suz was into “training” as we got ready for a big family vacay on a cruise ship two years ago… and I’ve been trying to heal my damaged, broken body. Well suz is looking like a rock-star and I’m enjoying the first years of my adult life that are not “in pain” from all the damage I did when I was a kid. :D :D
If you are into any of this “work out” stuff… don’t you just love how it feels on “arm day” when you get the shower and absently reach up to wash your hair… and you can barely get your arms up past shoulder height? LOL… la la la…

I turned 50 this year… and fuck it. I’m just not feeling anything like what I imagined 50 to feel like. :D I still chase the admiral into the garage at night, dream of skateparks (and totally dig all the skateboarding I can bear over the summer) and I’ll be glad to stop all that and settle down… when I’m dead. TYVM. :)

I cashed in all my chips this year with “employment” and decided to start my own company. This has worked out wonderfully. I’m not sure how well it would have worked out if I had done it years ago… but the time NOW was (is) definitely right. I’ve got lots and lots of work… contracts that will keep me busy for the next two years without even trying. (and I intend to “try”, so there will be loads more). And in those two years I will bank at least twice as much as I would have as an employee… so that equals “big fat raise” in my books. :D

So bottom line: life is freaking great. Things go up and down… but there are wwwwway more great days than there are “average days” and I hardly ever have bad days. If I can keep this up for a few more years… well… anything is possible.

We only have so many coins,
I ought to be generous and caring,
But not at the expense of your family.
That is to say,
I appreciate that Canada is part of a global community,
But we’ve no business sorting out problems half a world away,
When we have so many social and economic problems here… in the big-pink-blob.*

*When I was 14 I visited a grade school class in Texas. The giant “school map” that hung at the front of the class displayed the details of the glorious 50 states. And Canada was an indistinct big pink blob with giant “Canada” letters through it at the top of the map. Meanwhile, my classmates and I back home in Ottawa were busy learning every state and state capital. Lol.

I will push myself to be stronger… to be better.
I will hurt.
Not because you think I should.
I will do it because I can.
… and I will be awesome.

If I told you that I missed you,
You would only hear the words.
If I had the chance to hold you,
You would understand.

Peace! (like a boss). :D
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