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A little more from the …
“The old rules don’t apply. Stop using them as excuses.”
… file.

It’s not that the 1% keep getting phenomenally richer… there has been an elite class getting indescribably rich for as long as there has been a western society. As long as there’s a market operating in the economy, there will always be some form of an elite class.

No, the big deal is that we are no longer consuming information that has been fermented by big media. We can bitch about rich bastards now like never before in history.

So when the giant mega-corps and banks were all facing a potential tits-up situation in the crashing economy, your governments used your money to bail those bad-boys out. Somehow it was perceived that we needed to preserve this old-world-order operated by and at the whim of these elite mega corps. And because they are so bad at operating in a socially-conscious, let alone “connected” media… we are screaming “I can see you” at these guys as their salaries and bonuses go insane.

They’re already reminding us that they are market driven businesses operating in the private sector and they can do what ever the hell they want to do with their money (as long as the shareholders don’t lynch them). Example: Caterpillar plant lock-out. And this is true… this is no less true just because the government gave them a boat-load of your money to rescue their companies.

Like a music executive, thinking he can keep making money in the cd business like he used to if he only sues enough pesky downloaders, the Automotive and Banking elite (for example) are continuing to behave like they have a business model that can survive the coming information apocalypse.

We really should have let the car companies crumble. We’d long since have bounced back with some stumbling new model that would have been a grand first step into the coming new world order for “consumerism in a socially-conscious, globally connected economy”. (that would be a great book title).

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