Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I am going to be harassed by mailing lists for EVER... lol.
I'm taking the bait on every contest that comes along...

Life is way busy... but in a good way. :)
client #2 is having a chaotic moment ... and it's kinda fun. Definitely not boring.
client #1 is a whole bunch of work but ... you know, I just like going there. Good people to work with.
both renewed contracts till March... la la la...

Still getting a solid four gym days a week.
Still working on both damn shoulders... but I think they're coming along.

... and we're getting ready to get all into the Christmas zone. :)

I'm enjoying the various "web publishing" book stes.
Lots of cool.
And the one "built in" to my Mac is pretty darn good too!!! :)

The Benalyn advert for their new cough syrup...
"Extra Strength Mucous and phlegm"
... just sounds like their selling a bottle of mucous and phlegm.

A catholic high school in Ottawa is making news because their making a big deal out of enforcing a "dress code rule" that conveniently has "been on the books for years...".
They're banning yoga pants unless you have a long, skirt length, shirt or sweaters.
The girls are outraged (and I'm sure the boys are bummed!) and all full of p&v.
Lemon is out
Boys are just so weak
Blame the camel

The thing is... its just more of the same.
Another generation... and another example of the "grown ups" acting like muppets.
When I was in HS it was a brand of pant called "Tribals". Sweet mercy...
And the muppets came out with grand concerns that the proliferation of camels was just not acceptable.
blah blah blah.
tight versus lose fashion goes in cycles
It just seems pointless to distract everyone from the business of being students
and bully them around with a weeny attempt at stamping morality onto kids asses.
It's just silly.

I am concerned about new legislation concerning "bullying".
Any plan that ends with expelling a young teen... is a plan made by a mindless beaurocrat.
But that's not even the real issue for me.
The bigger challenge is way our whole vibe about bullying ... is getting perilously close to giving unreasonable powers to middle school, overworked, stressed teachers.
I'm not at all saying teachers are going to become a bag full of nazis.
I am saying that... numbers don't lie.
Given unreasonable powers, reasonable people eventually abuse those powers.
It freaking happens all the time.
That's why we built systems of checks and balances...
We'll know it's happened when we hear about kids getting expelled - let alone labelled!!! - for being... a kid in high school.
And if you were pure and perfect in HS then you get to call me names but you're in the minority.

~ k... time for sleep. :D

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