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Friday, November 25

Ed, suz and I watched the "Dawn Treader" (Narnia) tonight.
For a remarkably strange and freaky story ... they managed to do a fine job with the movie.
It wasn't the weirdest of the Narnia stories... The Silver Chair takes that cake.
But from the earliest news of the new movie making cycle hitting Narnia...
I've been wishing for The Magicians Nephew to make it to the big screen.
That was a trippy story. :)

Long week. :(
Both client organizations are renewing contracts...
Both have issues with their contracting staff.
Actually working for free for one client,
With an agreement to over-bill when the new contract is in place.
Struggling through work with the other client in a high security location
Without a valid pass... paperwork for one of my clearances was allowed to "lapse" when the contracts were being renewed.
Seriously... being escorted all over the place... is enough to drive me completely bonkers.
Adding to this some weirdness with the current overlords of the central base of the galactic core...
It's been a long week.
... and I need to make a plan. :)

Feeling really good about the gym stuff...
Of course, my shoulder still freaking hates me.
See... there's three individual problems spread around the shoulder zone.
All three are improving... I'm really sticking to regular targeted muscle work.
All good...
but, never-the-less...
righty hurts like a sonofabitch every night...
when I wake up from it...
at, like, 4. blarg!

The Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments (as examples) provides ample opportunity for folks to protest.
Every other day, all summer long, one group or another is marching around on Parliament Hill.
The big ones hit the news cycle...
Some spill onto the streets.
Some are really loud and freaky.
(remember when I went - sign in hand - to protest when Bush came to visit?)
... the thing is,
All of the protests, are actually a very complicated bit of very careful manipulation.
The documented posture of the government is that these valves need to be in place to blow off ... organized steam.
They (the official "they") provide ample opportunity for these protests to go down,
But you better believe that they go "down" according to a plan.
And it's not the protesters plan.
... and it is here that we find one of the most important issues with the "occupy" movement.
The Occupy protests were not following the plan.
Official "responses" to the protests were moving targets of tolerance, rhetoric and aggression.
There were exceptions... exceptional positions taken to allow the whole "valve" thing to work in the governments favour.
But overall... it was a slow speed police chase towards the aggression vibe... the vibe that takes over when the government doesn't know what to do.
My take away from the "occupy" stuff... is that protesters don't have any hope of making any kind of real difference through protest unless they step outside of the plan.

Range of news items showing the big fun folks have with Black Friday,
Shootings, pepper spray, mayhem...
I mean... really?
Way to represent.

I have got...HAVE GOT
To stop passing out on the sofa after the 11 news.
Suz works away on her laptop while the TV cycles local news, john stewart, Colbert, Conan... all of which I totally sleep through.
But it's sleep I should be getting with the CPAP mask on.
I expect to do better this week.
... and yes, I'm still working the Darth Vader bed time thing.
My biggest issue is waking up with an itchy nose.
You mess with the mask, after which it either fits poorly - aka: loud hissing leaks... - or you turn on the light and readjust to put the mask back on.
So yeah... waking up with an itch = taking off the mask in a sleepy stupor and going back to sleep.
But when I lay down to sleep with that thing on... it's freaking heaven.
I fall asleep in about 10 seconds and get the best sleeps ever.
(until the itchy-nose thing comes along. :D)

K... see ya. :)

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