Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 14

Yeah, so... as expected, it was gorgeous today. 15 degrees and sunny. Dude!!!
(I caused this by putting my snow tires on, on the weekend.)

My weekend was all about doing job jar stuff and getting up early.
Oh and movies.
I watched Transformers - Dark of the moon, Battle for LA, and Source Code.
Source Code is the big winner for catching my attention. Compelling cool concept sci-fi story. Transformers was totally average but fun in a transformers kind of way... but Battle for LA was also super. :D People gave me the expectation that B-4-LA was gonna suck, but It was a a gas... Cool aliens, alien invasion, big battles, compelling characters, the good guys win (sorta) and a chick with a machine gun... Can't argue with that... in my books. :D

Bus driver dude that was yelling and swearing at the kid on his bus... nabbed on FB via a trusty phone-cam video... was fired.

Saw my sports-med doc for a follow-up after work. I'm getting there... and she wants me to keep on doing what I'm doing (work'en both shoulders in the gym and before bed with specific stretches and exercises).

Tried eating a pomegranate again...
like that cactus pear, I guess I should google "how to" on this.
I cut it in half (half still in the fridge - it was a huge, btw)... and I scooped out all the seedy squishy bits into a bowl. I smushed that for a bit with a spoon and was able to drink a whole bunch of super delicious juice... I tried just spoon-to-mouth with some of the squishy bits but I'm not sure if you swallow the hard bits... so there was "spitting" involved.
Squishing and drinking was awesome.
It has that strong juice flavour that I associate with Welches Grape juice...
Not that the pom tasted like grape juice... just that it was that super strong flavour.

ni ni... (off to bed in a few minutes).

~ Note: I'm really noticing a really good difference in my days when I manage to get to bed before 1. It used to not matter... alas (earwax)... I guess those days are behind me. :D :D :D

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