Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 4


Things are nutty.
Not grab-the-epi-pen nutty,
I mean... bonkers.
Both of my contracts are coming "due" and my clients are scrambling to renew or recontract or extent me....
Bosses hate losing a cut of my day-rate to middlemen, and both my gigs are through partners.
So the pressure is on to get some organic gig under way and load up on some of that "US day rate" stuff.
Not a bad thing... this "pressure". It's just part of the job... and the reason I get to do cool gigs for cool companies in cool locations. :)
In the mean time... I'm really enjoying both of my contracts... Client #1 most of all, of course. :D

Edward has been back at school for a couple of days now...
He's doing much better, but still a bit weak... working off the cold is weaken'ed self caught. :(
But ... better. I'm hoping this weekend will be a good chance to recoup.

Oh and I've been doing very specific stretch and strength things - matched to each of the challenged muscles in my left and right shoulders.
I've been doing it a lot.
I believe it's less bad than it was... but I've afraid to say "better".
Maybe soon. :)

Reality, as a concept,
(versus "what is real")
Is pretty much just a shared dream.
That is to say, in a very Matrix kind of way,
Our real world is no different than a dream world,
Except that we all share... this one.

I am loving the growing, and not distasteful, use of product placements in popular TV shows.
I love it, because it means the industry is adjusting to me.
Well, to downloaders.
I've often feared for the fate of great tv shows yet to come, in a model that removes the all important, cash rich, commercials from the equation.
It's great to see that things... are adjusting. :)

and then I let everything go
open my eyes
and see you
every word, gesture,
your eyes, eyebrows
every... thing.
it's called active listening
It's a gift you should give away...

K... have a great weekend. :D :D

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