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Friday, October 28

~ watching "blink" for the umpteenth time... background noise while I type a long overdue entry. :)

Life has been clicking along something fierce.
The most importance thing has been my little Ed.
He's been through a rough go for the past month.
Injury, infection, illness and finally a kick'en fever.
All unrelated, but end to end regardless. :)
He's finally on the mend, in fact he'll be back in school next week.
yeah... it's been like that.
All, however, is well. :)
Never-the-less, taking care of him has been all consuming.

Me and my nut games for shoulders have been having a go of things too.
Lefty is eh... likely less than ideal as a result of all the compensating for the evil-right.
So yeah... the right. Son-of-a-biatch-omg.
Got xrays... got ultrasound... (finally... had to wait two weeks for that.)
Then I got the call from Super Sport Doc (Frankovitch... she was the chief medical officer at the Vancouver olympics).
"Want you to come in... "
"Sure, love to... dying to hear what's what..."

ps. The Billy Shipton part... always kinda makes me cry a bit. :)

So the phone is all "we have a cancellation this morning..."
And in a half hour, I'm at the docs.
Seems I've NOT (and that is a very happy "not") got a tear...
Alas (earwax) I do have a pretty frosted up subscapularis.
It's one of the rotator cuff bits.. but a "deep bit". Under everything else.
She gave me all my options and I opted for the depo medrol (cortisone) shot in the shoulder.
Deep shot but not as painful as the one in the left AC a couple of months ago.
That was yesterday. I'm really hoping it helps. I'll be backing that up with a new round of physio starting in a week...
But no shoulder activity for a week. (so only cardio and abs at the gym)
(all I want for christmas is my freak'en shoulders back please...)

Well... a week long work-gig in California near a freak'en huge skate park would be nice too... la la la...

Work is twelve kinds of awesome.
Clients are great...
Suzy is wonderful.
My friends are treasures.
I say that's a win all 'round. :D

My Geo turned 16 a few days ago.
... six freak'ing teen.
He's a good lad.
Works hard at school.
Earns money as kitchen help at a local restaurantSLASHtavern.
Does his chores around the house...
and actually communicates his feelings to us.
Again... a win all 'round. :)

He's been saving his money... lots of money.
He has a goal.. well, had a goal... it's bought.
He wants a kick ass laptop and to him... that means "game gear".
So he's bought an Alienware M14x R4. Nice laptop.
WWWWay overpriced... but it's his moola and he's keen.
It'll be hear in a couple of weeks.

Riddle me this!
How is it possible for the following two things to be true statements... and they are... true statements.
1. grade 11 boys in a normal suburban highschool actually say (out loud, for anyone to hear) "I'm afraid of gay people... I don't like 'em... I think they were dumb to decide to be gay." (sad sad sad... but true)
2. grade 11 boys in a normal suburban highschool have received 30 minutes TOTAL IN ALL 11 YEARS OF SCHOOL of sex education that only included the mechanics. At no point has an educator or health specialist stood before these students and told them that wearing a condom helps prevent the spread of STDs - let alone explained how STDs are actually transmitted.
My young man knows this stuff well and true... from popular media, like TV, movies and the net... and those embarrassing conversations with parental units... BUT NOT FROM SCHOOL. That just pisses me off.

... k... time to go and have a short chat with the admiral. It's friday night after all and I've had a long week.

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