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Vegas (baby)

Vegas Baby, It’s All About The Twenty. ☺
(lots of pictures on my facebook page... and a few videos on my Youtube channel. :D)

Monday, October 3
So after planning every possible thing that there is to plan for the boys and their school week… by bedtime on Sunday night, we were ready. (and by “we” I totally mean Suzanne – she is “planner girl extraordinaire”)

We were up at 4:00 … !!!!, left the house at 5:00… and checked in with Westjet at 6:00 – like good little travelers that follow rules. This got us on our early morning commuter flight to Toronto by 8:00. Our WestJet connector to Vegas leaves at 9:30… same airline… easy peasy right?

Yeah, not right.

We have to do that Pearson Shuffle – go collect your bags and pre-clear US customs with your bags because America does not like clearing customs … in America. Edna, the 80 year old lady with a walker that was moving the luggage from our Ottawa flight to the conveyor belt that brought the bags to us – up in going-to-america land – was just not moving very quickly. We were in a line-up to do the “hi, see our luggage is right here. Can we come to your country” thing with seventy five million other travellers at 9:15. 9:15!!!!

We were mad mad mad dashing through TO airport to make our flight and we only made it by seconds. :( Never-the-less, by 9:45 we were on a plane heading to Vegas and …that’s a good thing.

Sadly, that “mad dash” thing meant we had no chance to get any munchies for the flight. 4+ hours to Vegas and dude… I was hungry.

We landed at 2 something… turned my iphone back out from airplane-mode and presto – it was 11:00 AM again. ☺

We cabbed to our hotel (Signature at MGM) and despite the advertised 3:00 check-in time, we were in our room before noon. Awesome room!!! Spa-tub, two showers, two toilets, three sinks, full (and I mean “full”) kitchen, living room, balcony, and a bedroom.

We walked… we walked a lot today. We did an initial “omg” walk through MGM and found our way to Mandalay Bay for lunch. Suzy is the queen of online coupon finding. We had a huge late lunch … for about 15$ :D We ended up back at our hotel, then in a cab, to a CVS for quick groceries and back to shower and change for the night out. Now it’s important to note that we’re a couple of basket cases… very little sleep on Sunday night after a long weekend of “getting ready” so we were feeling the pain of no-sleep and lots of energy burn. That being said… we headed out for the night. We went and watched the awesomeness that is the fountains at Bellagio and then managed to check out the casinos at Caesars Place, Harras, Casino Royal, Venetian, and Paris. We were all about getting “players cards” and doing free stuff… dropped a few bucks in Paris and then… we crawled back to the hotel. It’s 11:57 local time right now… 3 AM by my internal clock… and we have a helicopter to catch first thing in the morning. :D

We watched the fountains at the Bellagio… from Las Vegas Blvd. I’ve seen video, photographs, etc… but NOTHING compares to the reality of how awesome the fountain thing is. Just amazing. :D

Ps. It freak’en rained today. A lot. The middle of a desert… and it rains. Lol.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Ok, so see, I’m having some real trouble with my right arm – kind of a shoulder thing, but it’s radiating down through the muscles all the way to my wrist. It’s only a problem when I lie down. Bottom Line: I haven’t had more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep in at least a week… and last night was the worst. I was up twice to warm up the bean-bag (microwave “hot pack” thing)… took middle of the night advil and then again at around 5 AM with naproxen (or whatever it’s called – anti-inflammatory) and more advil. :( Not a good nights sleep… no matter how you slice it. Never-the-less… awesome kick-ass bed in an amazing hotel room, in a beautiful hotel in a city with a fun zone that has no rival… So I’m not complaining. :D

We woke up with our alarm at 6:00, (made our breakfast in the kitchen) and we were in a stretch limo at 7:10. At 7:11, the limo driver turned around and returned to the hotel – we never got out of the parking lot. Why? Because BAD WEATHER cancelled all helicopter flights. Burn city! We rescheduled for tomorrow… the only spot they had was the “sun set canyon tour”. So we’ll be grand-canyon touring from 4:00-7:00 tomorrow night. That means our big-ass anniversary dinner at Bellagio is pushed to 9:00 pm. This kind of opened up our morning. Lol

We went on another long walking tour… this time through the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino, then the Cosmopolitan and then Bellagio.

So far… the most impressive location we’ve scoped out is the Cosmo. If we ever come back… I’m betting we’ll be staying at the Cosmo. :D

We decided to burn some time taking public transit to the Premier Outlet Mall (north, btw) and bought some shoes at the Vans store. We looked around but our hearts were not really in it… I tried on some shirts, etc. but we decided to bail and back we came. Oh and we ate crappy food in the mall food court.

And back we went on another long explore – We’ve logged at least a full marathon in walking distance so far. :D We spent more time in the Cosmo. This time it was “afternoon gambling” :) Suzy played slots – and we’re talking 10 – 20 bucks… and I dropped 100 on a craps table and it turned into 200 in a few minutes, so we cashed out and added the winnings to the “big bag of money” that we plan to lose. :D If you stick to the rules (only make the bets on the really good odds) you can have a lot of fun with craps. I consider all winnings to be fodder for more gambling. I brought money to “spend” in the casinos and … it will be spent.

(dinner is next)

zzzzzap into the future.
So the next 72 hours were a blurrrrrr!! Lol
We went to a great dinner at the Kahuna Club in Treasure Island. Truly… stuffed and it was all delicious. (Suzy discovered martinis. :D)

We walked about the TI for a bit after dinner… marvelled at this display of a carved mammoth tusk, bought wickedly overpriced “on the strip pricing” coffees at Starbucks and went to Mystere (Cirque du Soleil show). Now… keeping in mind that we were up at stupid o’clock for the helicopter ride that was cancelled, that we walked a marathon over the day, ate a huge dinner… and drank random free drinks brought by pretty waitresses every time we lingered around a slot machine… well, lets go with sarcasm and say we were primed to sit through a dramatic Cirque show in a dark theater. :D :D Ok… I’m the one that kept nodding off… suzy made the whole show. It was outstanding… but only “outstanding in a cirque kinda way” way. I was ready to be a lot more impressed and perhaps would have been with Ka or O. Never-the-less, it was an amazing show. We stopped to watch the “Sirens of TI” show out front of the resort… big production good, cheesy-vegas-show-girl good too. However, it was freezing outside. So windy that they had had to delay the Siren’s show several times. :D

We wandered through the Mirage and realized that thrice-revived-brain-eating-half-decayed-zombies had more life in them than we did… so we decided on a cab ride back to the hotel.

Note: Each of the big resorts… has a unique smell. The Mirage is all about this floral scent that hits you as you walk through an arboretum to get into the place. (Another resort was vanilla, another was spicey, etc. etc….)

Wednesday, October 6
Today is our 20th anniversary. This is the reason we’re here… in sunny – er, scratch that, - cloudy, blustery, cold – Las Vegas. :)

We slept in till somewhere in mid-morning – had more cereal (that, toasted English muffins, and coffee tap out the extent to which the awesome kitchen was used.). Today was a forever day. One of those days that will always be with me. Long… crazy long and filled with the most bazar moments. :D We went on a long explore through the “city center mall”… which is just an excuse for a collection of unshoppable stores (Louis Vuitton, for example). But the place was gorgeous. This led us back to the Cosmo for more wandering around, drinking and watching suz play some slots. I stuck a fiver in a slot machine… picked max bet, max lines and presto… 126$ to add the “big bag…” :)

The New York New York resort is quite strange. It just looks like a big toy, with a roller coaster sticking out at odd angles. It’s crazy massive inside. We took a turn on the roller coaster and we were both asking “what the hell are we thinking?” as it clacked up the rails. (and we waited for the front seat so we could shoot video – live on youtube. :D)

We snacked on pizza at “new york pizza” and wandered back through jungle and got ready for the chopper. We dressed as warm as we could (we just didn’t bring clothes for freak’en cold weather). We met another couple in the limo that got married yesterday in their hotel room. Our limo got the airport (about 200 yards from the hotel – btw) and we joined a room full of people … all dividing their attention between a helicopter safety video and the rainy weather out the window. We were waiting for them to cancel again. ! They didn’t and 20 minutes later Suz, moi, and two other couples were hover’en and fly’en. The helicopter ride was trippy… and everything after that made me feel like I was in a live-action version of the road-runner. Oh, the Hoover Dam was totally Bugs Bunny. We were hoping to see the sunset over the desert on the flight back… but all we got was rain and clouds. So eh. The grand canyon trip had it’s draw backs but HANDS DOWN it was the coolest thing. It was (is) a totally once-in-a-lifetime thing. :D Oh and flying back into the city after dark… was a total trip. They toured us pass old-city and the strip (saw the Bellagio fountains going off from the sky. :D

Next up was dress-up time.

We got into our best duds and took a cab to the Bellagio to eat our anniversary dinner at “Olives”. Suzy fell in love with a drink called a “sling back”. We had a very nice photo taken in the restaurant (it’s getting framed and added to our stair-well gallery). We had a beautiful meal … and they brought us a very adorable truffle assortment on a “happy anniversary” plate.

Dinner was at 9:00… So we were done with all that by about 11 … and it was time to dig into the “big bag”. :D We gambled on our “last night”. !! We worked at two different craps tables until about 3:00… and then I watched my lil’shark play blackjack till 4:30. There were many drinks… we won loads and loads of money (filling up the chip coral at the craps table) and then lost it all… and enjoyed every minute. Alas… (earwax) all good things not only come to those who wait… they also come to an end. We had to pack and be at the airport for 8AM. LOL!!! We cabbed it back to the hotel and never went to bed.

We enjoyed every second of the trip… we made wonderful memories and really reminded ourselves how much fun it is to just let go of everything and roll with a good time. :D

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