Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 28

I'm on my second time through Californication.
Middle of season 4... Rob Lowe is going all mental man.
The real issue?
Watching it again 'cuz Geo is watching the series.
I know.
I'm actually not chuffed.
I think there's a lot bad shit out there that plays with kids heads.
This isn't one of them.

Work is stellar.
Potential new client... well, actually a client now, but my involvement is the "potential" part.
Big private sector fashion company... private sector is always trippy. (always!!)
That would be a "client #3" thing... client #1 continues to be awesome, and client #2 ... is just weird.
But it's all good. :D

Saw my sports med doc (she was the chief medical officer to the canadian olympic team in Vancouver...
I'm back to the hospital for more imaging of the shoulder.
It's sucking hard core these days. :(

The gym helps.
Doc gave me rules to follow with work-outs and otherwise turned me loose on the gym.
The work-outs... help keep me sane.

One week from tonight...
I'll be in Vegas with Suzy, out to a fancy dinner, thinking about our trip to the Grand Canyon, and the Cirque show, celebrating our 20th anniversary.
We rock.
We really do.

Ate a cactus pear.
Watched a youtube vid from a foody on how ... to eat a cactus pear.
Seriously... an amazing piece of fruit. :)
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