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Cats, Explained

Cats, Explained.

Tad Williams describes a world – in his “Otherworld” novels – that is the essential, immersive, virtual reality that you plug into via various levels of tech. The best of the best are hooked up to nutrition systems, and submerged in negative-feed-back gelatine that adds physical sensory feedback to the VR experience. Now consider your dreams… regardless of how often you remember them, each of us can likely attest to the potential for a dream experience to “feel” very real at the time. That dream-state is also a heady example of an immersive virtual reality. The only real difference between a dream-state and a tech based VR experience is the ability to share that experience with other, real, people. So in the “Otherworld” vibe, it was all about groups interacting in the VR space.

By it’s very nature, this VR space, or dream-state, is beyond reality. Physical laws, natural laws, social laws… are all out the window. It’s VR baby… you can do, you can be anything.

Now about cats…

We think of them as our passive, domestic pets. But is this really the case? I propose that what is really going on is that cats are actually only here… in our world for their sustenance. Their real existence is a pan-feline-shared dream-state. In their dream state they are superior beings, engaged in galactic-scale social struggles and science. Indeed, their real lives … are in the dream-state. Their wakeful, furry, cuddle selves are simply the most efficient manifestation that they (the dream-state superior beings) could come up with that would be easily maintained by a willing slave population – us. We keep them in good health, well fed and provide plenty of comfortable … sleeping spots.

This, of course, explains why cats sleep all the freaking time. They’re busy in their VR saving the universe and inventing time travel, etc.

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