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Friday, September 23

ola. :)

Well another Friday.
That means I just finished another week of crazy.
Strangely, client #2 (my Wednesday, Thursday) still seems to like me.
The boss and his assist came into my office on Wednesday... sat down, all quiet like, looking off in all directions.
I was totally sure they were there to uhh... set me free.
Alas, no such a-thing happened. They gave me new deliverables, and again with the "show me when you're done.".
Client #1 continues to be the cats pyjamas.
I look forward to work.
A work day doesn't go by without getting some random hug action...
(a very nice bonus in any job)

Five for five with the gym this week... putting in two in the evening with Suz (I can't go at lunch from client #2's location).
Lots of ab stuff and lots of cardio. I refuse to turn fifty and have anything less than an awesome tummy. :)

My shoulder hates me something fierce... my right one. Lefty got the cortisone shot... righty was the original injury two years ago... aggravated in the skate park this summer. Back to the doc this week.

It's scary to the folks that are in charge of the status quo,
To have new ways of playing the games show up,
Let alone when they are all forced to play.
But old, unchanging games have alway ALWAYS been fertile ground for broken rules and abuse of power.
A little change... wakes everybody up and makes the games new again.
This is why I'm thinking the Palestinian bid at the UN...
Is a good thing.
Oh, and it's also shining a pretty bright light on how mental the relationship between the US and Israel is.

I'm looking forward to October. :D :D :D
Suz and I are going to Las Vegas on October 3... for three days.
This is our 20th anniversary prezzi to ourselves.
We've earned this. :)
When we get back... we'll be gearing up for a costume party at out friends house.
Everybody's taking the costume part pretty serious like. :D
It's going to be fun.

When I find myself wanting to be the best of myself
I know I've chosen my friends well.

~ K... :) See ya

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