Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 20


See, last weekend we bought a boxee box.
It's twenty seven different kinds of cool.
It's tiny...
Actually comes with the hdmi cable...
(although it was a short one)
It's one of those things that ... "just works".
Plug it in, turn it on, and boom.
You're on.

All it's doing is providing an interface to all your dl'd content... on any computer in your house....
And a groove-station interface to hundreds and hundreds of shows divided up by the networks they run on.
All of that stuff is web content you can access with any computer... but the boxee gives it's all to you in a nice clean package.
If you're not the type to set up your PC with an HDMI port, and manage all your dl content, etc.... The boxee is a wicked cool solution.

BUT you still end up dealing with the dumb ass ads that they run from the web site "full episode" zone,
And face it... streaming an hour long show from a web site is an open door to frustration when the vid freezes, restarts, etc. etc.

AND... if you run "hot spot shield" (google it) in Canada, you can get a another groove-station interface to that content through windows media centre. (Internet TV)
(you get this by default in the States, but in the frozen north we need to use HSS to mask our IP location.)

Bottom line:
I'm returning the Boxee.
We already have a PC running the TV, so the Boxee is redundant.
We're all accustomed to using the pc for downloading etc.

I continue to be forever dumbfounded by the vim and vigour that the US brings to the table when ever shit goes down in Israel.
The angry squatters want to play with the big kids at the UN...
And Uncle Sol and gang are just freak'en livid!
Never mind that they're only actually "livid" because the UN thing is an act of defiance...
And Uncle Sol does not like him any of that Chutzpah!!
Otherwise... an actual thinking brain see's that the UN thing will be counter productive, blah blah blah blah none of us plays well with others blah blah blah!
MEANWHILE... the US is covered in rippling tendons, flexing abs of camo awesome as they sally forth to sit on Uncle Sol's lap and play guess the body part.

Shoulder muscles...
Stiff... sore... and still dead set against letting me get a good nights sleep.
[ :: Cooking with Pooh! :: ]

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

~ k... see ya. :D

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