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Friday, September 16

You know... I only just realized that a Big Brother and a Survivor have both started... (I guess BB's been going for a while now).
What with the "on air" tv channels and life in download land... those shows have just totally left the radar.

On the subject of TV...
I had a convo with my BIL the other night and woke up the next day totally ready to unload Rogers as my ISP and load up on a new cable reseller (TekSavvy)
My Rogers deal is called "Rogers Extreme" (second from the top in a long line of service levels)
It's 69.99 per month with a 125 gig cap and some number of $s for additional gbs. AND we always had additional gb usage... like maybe 15$ per month worth....
There's performance levels that go along with "Extreme"... We had to get (Rent for 7 per month) a new fangled modem and blah blah blah...
This was all last February... and when I got it, I talked them into a 30% discount - it all had to do with upping our service to (theoretically) get better service - because we'd been having issues.
(mostly "issues" that were just me making my regular calls to Rogers to complain so they had records of my calls in case I ever needed leverage).
The 30% came at a cost... it only lasts for 12 months and we had to agree to a 3 year term for the service.

TekSavvy is offering 300 gigs per month for 42$
I have to buy a modem and pay a set up fee, but it totally works out to a better deal... WWWWWAY BETTER if you look at a balance sheet for the next two years of service.
So I call Rogers to cancel...
And they get all pissed off.
They're charging me the full penalty charge... 320$!!
And they tell me that I can avoid the whole fee if I can get someone to take over my contract.
I thought that sounded like a good idea until I realized there was only four months of the discount left...

Now... that still leaves me way better off over two years, but I call them back anyways.
I go on for a few minutes about how they broke the agreement by not providing the service they advertised and I'm all "check your records, there's a history of my calls...".
So they finally dropped the penalty to 150$.
I'll take that. :)

So we're dopping them as our ISP.
That's TV from Rogers dropped.
Home phone to-be-dropped on October 30,
and ISP dropped on October 14 (30 days notice required).
All we have left with rogers is our cell phones.

ALL OF THAT TO SAY... I'm looking at getting a Boxee Box! (Google that... it's wwwwwway freaking cool. and we're all getting kinda keen here in Casa de Corto. - getting it in October)
~ and that's why I need the 300 gig cap. :D


That's Serena Deng.
She's 17.
She was struck and killed crossing Eagleson Rd (main connector through the city I live in), running for a bus.
It was her first day of university.
She was a barista at the Starbucks that I go to every day after the gym.
I'm pretty tight with the gang at 'bucks... lots of first name shout outs and always lots of hugs when they're on my side of the counter.
It saddens me dramatically to learn that she was the casualty we had all heard about at the beginning of this week.
The picture is at the wee table set up at Starbucks for folks to write their feelings on a card going to Serena's family.
Rest in peace little tiny sugar.
You are already missed.

Came home and hugged the boys today.

~ k, see ya. :)

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