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Tuesday, September 13

yeah... here we are, what? Tomorrows Wednesday already?
(My second Monday).

Right now... Life is frick'en grand. :D
Gotta get myself out to see TTA and have her weave her magic on my shoulder...
But otherwise... grand grand grand!! :)

Ten years of occupation, death and destruction in Afghanistan
And it's still all a giant pile of total crap.
Imagine if we had just spent all that money on ... I don't know... lets say Haiti.

As you sort out the bills, consider your crummy parking space,
or maybe muster your righteous self for the next confrontation with evil coworker...
Stop and imagine ... just for a second,
Living in a community of people that make their homes in a shanty town next to a gas pipeline.
Imagine being so poor... so stupid... that a big ass leak in the pipelines draws everyone from town to wade through the pooling gas to collect some.
... "wade through the pooling gas...."
And yes... it caught fire, blew up and burned up a community of Kenya's poorest.
I mean... if you can read this, you have got it made in the shade in contrast to a majority of earths population.

A great deal about living well,
Is found by living your life in the company of amazing people.
And it matters if you get to hug them... and if they hug you back. :)

... k. see ya. :D
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