Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morning LJ

Yea I know ... it's afternoon... haha.. I had a good sleep .. what can I say.

"Baby got Butt"
is soooo on my head today... thanks for my super butt buddies for not making me feel like a dork.

Alas, no gnometush, and zeroten butt (a boi can dream can't he?)...
Tonight I will have an interesting post for my friends... but (hahah butt???) for now, it's just me and the boiz doing puzzels and watching snow white (personally I think the evil queen is hot looking... Ed has me (or Z) read the whole story every other night... and once - just once - I called her Hot... (she looked warm in her big cape!) and now when ever Ed sees the queen he says "She's HOT!"... what a complete scream... I can barely contain my laughter...

Oh, and PugSmotcher? (Kristy) and Sharp-Pill-Thong-Baby (Amykins)? .... Catrall is going to try to seduce a MONK! a MONK!!!! She is my fav personality on that show, although the lil red-head kinda turns my crank... what can I say, Sex and The City is an interesting mirror....


As my fav bald singer used to say in solid rotation on all the radio stations... "Nothing compares 2 U" My Lj buddies are the absolute BEST!


ps. I'm glad you guys (pigpen, datawais, kitykity) had a blast last night... more green-eyed-corto living here!

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