Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 9

Well this was a pretty good week. :)
Got lots done with clients...
Got to the gym every day...
Hip is feeling pretty good, but my right shoulder, upper arm, still sucks big bad balls.

The kids went back to school... (Geo is in grade 11, and Ed's in grade 8)

I've been working away on some online tutorials, and messing around with adobe AE and a bunch of other stuff in the CS5 suite. It's like how other people play computer games... I just sit there and play with new software. lol. :)

Oh... and I registered to be a minister of the Universal Life Church. There's some possibility here that I may be able to perform marriages. :)
Life is long...

I am seriously put off by the way all the NA car companies are once again running their campaigns to make everyone thing giant vehicles are normal and good thing. The saddest part is how easily the general public is swayed. :(

Local radio station is running a contest.
"Win a Baby".
no... really.
It's getting quite a lot of attention.
What they're actually doing is giving away about 35K worth of fertility treatments.
It's pretty cool ... and the press it's getting is pretty interesting.

You give more than you know
When you let yourself be loved.

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