Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 6

This sign is on the front of all the Esso Gas station gas pumps.
I took the picture to ask the attendant what the sign meant.
Apparently it means that there is video surveillance.
Just say'en... really dumb sign.

hiya. :)

So... West49 is a clothes-for-the-cool-kids store with a shoe and skate shop in the back.
They're awesome and they suck... pretty much at the same time.
They're awesome 'cuz they have everything the kids want... from earphones to sox.
They suck because THEY SUCK! Store brand jeans wear out in two months, prices are ridiculous and they never have the size we're looking for, unless we're there the day after a shipment arrives. la la la...

Suz and the boys are there on Saturday afternoon stocking up on jeans for the boys for the school year. Ed actually picks a pair of jeans he really likes and along with the sale jeans, Suz agrees to get these "brand name" jeans. (RVCV). Oh and look... they have two price tags: The mfg's suggested retail price - right there on a tag, with the $ and everything... And then there's a West49 price tag... $20 more.

Suz points it out to a sales person and asks to see the supervisor...
Supervisor comes over and says "Oh that's a mistake" and RIPS OFF THE MSRP TAG.
(omg omg omg omg omg if only I had been there... I would have FREAKED).
Ed wants the jeans. Suz buys 'em.

I call the Bayshore Shopping Centre West49 location today. I immediately state my full name and ask to speak to the manager. :)
"That's me..."
"Hi, what's your name?"
... and then I explain what happened.
"Oh well that's not right... but I'm not sure I can do anything."
"If you have the jeans, with both tags on them and your receipt..."
"No, your staff removed the tag.. peeled off the perforated part with the price on it... "
"Well yes... so you see my problem."
"No... I don't. However, as you say, it's your problem."
"May I please have your full name."
"what's that now?"
"I don't give anyone my full name."
"alrighty then... thank you for your time Leah".
google "West49 Head Office Phone Number"
ring ring...
And I explain it all to the head of customer relations.
She actually said "oh my god" as she broke out laughing...
And appologised for laughing... but said she just couldn't help herself..
"and her name was Leah?"
"Do you have a West49 All Access Pass? (store loyalty points card)."
"How about if I put the 20$ on your AA Pass?"
"And we'll draft up some correspondence for Leah."

... and that's my story.

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