Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 4

Hiya. :)
Having a great last-long-weekend of the summer.
I spent Saturday ... all day... outside messing around in our yards. It was great. :D
The grass (and clover) is looking mighty good.
And pay no attention to the weed farm that exists at the other end of the yard.

My summer injury line up ... has taken quite toll on me. :(
Both shoulders are still working on getting better. Righty is just a dull ache every time I lie down. So sleeping good-long-weekend-sleeps... is just not happening. :( The hip is good but it still needs the doc's sign-off on tuesday before I can get back on a skateboard. My Fall skate sessions will likely be mighty reserved. :D lol.

I was wondering what I'd do if my bosses took back the Mac Air.
My conclusion was that I'd buy another one.
I can't imagine why I would use anything less.
It's a laptop... it's supposed to be light. It's supposed to be convenient to pack, unpack, turn on and use.
And I'm pretty impressed with the whole package...
Installing software... removing software... I can't imagine how people have been putting up with the windows method.
It's just awesome!!!! :)

Big news last week about another "enforcer" from the NHL dying.
This one took his own life.
And ... I have several feelings about all of this.
First of all, a suicide under 16 years of age, makes me want to cry,
and want to blame parents for just-not-getting-it.
A suicide over 16... means something is wrong in the world and people have to decide!!!
Is what ever is "wrong in the world" important enough to you to give a care, or is the suicide just a cost you are willing to accept.
In this case... it's major league hockey.
My money is on people just not giving a shit and nothing is going to change.
Facts are facts folks.
The NHL is a vast enterprise rolling billions of dollars around in TV contracts, salaries, promotions and games...
Games played with enforcers beating the shit out of each other for your enjoyment... pretty much like gladiators.
And hockey fans are no better than screaming romans excited for the kill.
So while all the big press was going on about the recent dead guy...
All I could feel was the sting of the hypocrisy pouring out from everyone saying what a big tragedy it was.

~ and yes, I'm one of those folks that thinks things are messed up with modern major league sports.
And to make my point... all I have to say is 100 million $ can buy Vick a bunch of really mean dogs.

This is in the "kitchen' at client #2's offices.

It's one of those things with a cash box and price list.
Take food... give money.
Here's the thing...
It's horrible coffee, potato chips, chocolate bars, skittles, coke, mountain dew (etc.).
Client #2 is a government gig associated with the defence network
Last year, I was working for a client that was also a government gig but part of the financial network.
Their lunch room?
An actual room... with a flat screen TV playing the 24hr news network
A keurig coffee system (two, actually) making custom cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
A fridge filled with Everfresh fruit juices, V8s, carbonated water, and milk.
A big basket of fresh fruit and a drawer with granola bars.
No cash box and no price list... 'cuz it's all free.
Bottom Line: it's more fun to work in the finance industry. :D

I want very much to get my hands on the songs that play over the end credits of True Blood episodes.
That is some seriously outstanding cover!!

peace frog... blue sunday.

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