Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 30

Hiya. :D

Hip is doing great... but I still need to talk to the doc on this coming Tuesday.
(Its been two weeks since I was last "on deck")

Work is great...
Kids and Zee ... great!
Gym? totally great!!
Plans for our Vegas Anniversary vacation... great! :D

We're still working out way through True Blood.
We're on season 4 episode 6... :D
It's a blast.
and I do believe it makes me say fuck... a lot.
and yes. I blame tv. :D

Had to do a "conference call / on-line slide show" thing yesterday.
At 5 pm actually... the clients were in sunny southern California, so... 2:00 PM for them.
It went great... except for the part about halfway through when I "lost" the call connection.
Meanwhile, I'm just blabbing away and a dead conference phone in a dark board room, clicking through my slides...
Fortunately someone got ahold of me and let me know... lol
Work... still fun. :)

K... I have long since learned to question my attitudes towards fat people.
I have a strong sense of humility about how I react to people and I believe
I do a good job of being respectful and non-judgemental.
Everybody has their own story and you can't paint a group of people based on their body type.
That being said...
When I go into McDeath's to grab my kid some fries after his karate class,
and watch while this seriously obese man hands soft ice-cream cones to his two loud and fat little daughters after they packed away their nuggets, fries and cokes...
I tend to get a little judgemental.
I don't think it's very far from child abuse.

Riddle me this...
The following four shots are copied from Google Earth.
They are all of the same physical location... getting a little lower in altitude in each picture.
This is a space that I drive through pretty much every day.
As you can tell... I live in a rural part of western ottawa.
The last image... is at street level... and it's a picture I took while driving home today.
And every time I see that sign... I'm totally WTF.

Tomorrow night is August 31.
My television and radio has been telling me that Canadian broadcasters will be making a big switch to digital on August 31.
They've been warning me that unless I have a sat-dish or cable and a digital decoder, I'm hosed.
Well... they mention that "if you use an antenna you MAY need a special converter."
Which is dumb ass...
We have a digital TV and an antenna and I'm darned excited to start getting EVEN MORE HD content over the air.
HD OVER AIR in Canada is a big dumb secret perpetuated by the cable companies. :D

Later. :D :D

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