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Update: DiD (Deal is Done) ... carefreespirit is the new adoptive parent. :D

(Original post)
once upon a time... a remarkable women I met here in La La land, sent me a "pay it forward" gift...
A "Nokia 770 Hand Held Internet Tablet".

It was a stylus enabled touch screen wifi device that operates on a debian linux os. It's base apps were simple and kinda cool... I managed to get movie and tv show files converted to the video standard on it and used it on airplanes to watch media content. I could wifi with it for email, and browsing, etc. There is a healthy range of apps to be downloaded and installed ... coolest ones were terribly UNIX like things that let me play with the operating system.

Unfortunately the Nokia 880 replaced the 770 in production with many advances, and the 770 became quite obscure.

I HAVE THIS DEVICE IN PERFECT CONDITION, original packaging and all components. I even have 1 gig micro-SD card for it...


We can hook up and I will send it to you.
It's an awesome toy for a geek but I'd say Not User Friendly by contemporary standards.

(but I did like the Majong game on it... :D)

[ :: NOKIA 770 :: ]


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