Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 23


Work is great...
... crazy, with 2 clients baking, 1 fully baked, and another getting ready for the ... baking dish.
Managing my ancient brain with four clients creates one of the those calms ... that scares old ladies at bus stops.
(mwa ah ah ah....)

Good gym time... in fact, great gym time. It's good to feel the schedule kicking in.
Hip is still a mess. and by "mess" I mean, perfectly fine, until I use my leg to "step up"... like climbing stairs.
See Super Doc on Sept 6. It aint broke... It'd swell and I'd scream a lot. So it's just hurt. Which means warm packs at night, and work'en it in the day.

My "side project" these days has been the front weed-garden (previously known as our "front lawn").
Front lawn is a bit over a half acre of theoretical lawn and with a septic weeping bed in the 100 feet before the road.
I've got the first 100 feet from the house looking mighty good. (... and by "got", I mean "reclaimed from the freakishly efficient Weed God. - no, wrong weed!, this is the bad one)
AND!!!! And I've planted clover all over the place (I mentioned that last week)... and it's already starting to bud. Is cool. :D

Jack Layton was the leader of the official "opposition" in the Canadian federal government.
Sorta like "boss of the losers"... as long as theirs enough losers to fill half the house, we're good to go.
The guy was magic... bringing the Federal NDP (kind of the "left leaning, tree hugging, union kissing" party, but don't let those anachronisms fool ya, all the federal parties are pretty much the same with different methods of screwing things up....)
No, seriously... Jack brought the Fed NDP from obscurity to official opposition status.
This was a huge deal.
He passed away yesterday from death-by-cancer.
it is a sad sad thing.
Canadians mourn.
... and americans have earthquakes.
Kinda self-centred there, don't cha think?

From all I can see... all I can read... all I hear and feel,
I'm concluding that the biggest threat to the value proposition behind Islam,
Is Muslims.

and then I loved you.
to sleep, again
and awake.
and then I loved

K... night. :)

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