Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 18

(omg I freaking love my MacAir!!!!)

Went to sleep around 4:00… got up at 8,
Letting very tiny Asian lady chop off all my hair at 9,
Woke up my lovely zee at 10 when I got back,
Spend the rest of the day outside working on the front lawn,
Weeding… and by “weeding” I mean endless-mind-numbing-weeding (wandering across a half acre of mostly dry, dormant grass, with vast sections overrun by weeds.)
Meanwhile my neighbours yards are fed by irrigation systems and serviced by five-person-teams that show up weekly to manicure their perfectly green carpet of a lawn. Sigh. :)
I cut the “close section” (1/4 acre closest to the house) and then spent ages spreading fertiliser across the entire front yard.
See… the three greenest parts of my front yard… are the three clover patches.
No matter how dry things get or how weedy… the clover patches look lush, green and are soft as silk under your feet.
So… I have two big bags of clover (Dutch White Clover) seeds. Well, one bag, after spreading the other one on big section of the front yard.
Our grass blows…
But clover kinda rocks. :)

We went to the Parliament Hill “sound and lights” show with Ed and my MIL. It’s a Canadian history presented through very cool laser and light projections against the center block of the nations seat of government. We sat with a few thousand other people on the front lawn of the Parliament buildings – marvelling at our good fortune in still being able to be this up-close-and-personal with these buildings.

Rioters and the law.
England – sorry but it’s not “four years for stealing a bottle of water”. It’s “four years for looting”. If the fact that it was a bottle of water is salient, then that can be a mitigating circumstance to bring up in court. How ever… Looting is looting. (not to be confused with the scavenging done in a post natural disaster zone like folks were doing in New Orleans after Katrina). I can grok the side of supporter if we talk about the bad situations that lead to the unrest expressed by disenfranchised youth, social decay, etc. etc. etc…. but don’t confuse empathy with some kind of approval vibe for being a giant nut-sack looting piece-of-shit opportunist SLASH rioter.
British Columbia – You have clear evidence of people doing really bad things. How come we don’t have a legal system that can punish those people. Punishing NOONE sends a really bad message.

You can tell students they can’t bring cell phones to school or class.
You can tell students they can’t shoot video of teachers in class.
But you can’t tell students what they can and cannot post on youtube.
You can punish then for breaking rules 1 and 2, but don’t get sucked into the vortex of hell that results from thinking you can control social media.

I am the luckiest guy in the universe.

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