Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 16

~ playing with "halftone" app.. :D

So... it's been a while.
Geo left for Cuba on Thursday night... well, Friday morning.
We've been in semi-regular txt contact and daily quick phone calls after dinner. :)
We are all fans of regular contact when someones traveling.

The resort he was heading to... was closed-on-arrival.
So the company relocated everyone to the next resort-over.
Blau Colonial...
So we look at pics on Trip Advisor...
First few are of a burned out shell of a building.
LOL!! (Not to worry, Blau is great.)

I went to the smaller Kanata skate park on Sunday morning when Ed was at Karate.
Place was packed... lots of bikes and ... really, no space at all.
I was uncomfortable to start with... and got maddeningly frustrated when I fell on my right hip (again) dropping in on a rinky-dink little wall. :(
I've been nursing my ach'en hip ever since.
It's ok... just a big ol'bruise.
But it's keeping me off the deck for a few days.

We've been OD'ing on True Blood. !!!

My car...
Rear breaks and pads were under warranty.
But new expensive rear-callipers,
New struts.
Three new tires...
And a new ABS sensor (holy crap !!!! $$ )
And labour...
... and now it drives like a dream...
but that little prick just cost me a small fortune.

I'm digging the whole stay-caytion thing. :D

~ l8r sk8rs

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