Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 11

See that picture? See the nick in the tongue of the shoe?
This is why you wear skate shoes.
If I hadn't been wearing my skate shoes... the smack-down from a skateboard that made that nick, would have broken my foot.

Yeah... so hi. :)

I really like all the interfaces to Google +, and the "circle concept"...
But honestly... I feel like I did when I tried posting my LJ entries as links in Facebook.
It was an awkward feeling... a little uncomfortable with opening myself this way, in that place.

So I'm done with that little experiment.
I'm still going to use Google +... I'm just not sure what for... yet. :)

Meanwhile, LJ ... I think I will ride you till your bitter end.
If you go down in a blaze of hacker evil... then so be it.
I've got my LJ backup stored away. (lol, on my drive and I emailed a copy of it to myself in gmail)

Today was a pretty good day - for a client #2 day.
They're the ones fifteen seconds away from the big-ass skatepark.
I sit in a really nice "cubicle" (with a huge window, top floor)
But it's not close to the gym.
So my two days a week at client #2 have been no-gym days unless I go at night with zee.
Well I wasn't have'en any of that today. :D
I bolted for an hour and a half lunch and went to the gym.
Had a great work out... and I think I accomplished more in the afternoon at work than if I had not gone to the gym and just worked through lunch. ... that is to say, I was more productive - I think - because I got my gym fix. :)

Oh, and despite the windy, cloudy, coolish day... I was all about the skatepark after work.

We dropped Geo off at his friends house... about an hour ago.
They... and fifteen other people (his friends family and family friends)... all drive away to Montreal tonight, and catch an early morning flight to Cuba.
Suz, in classic style, has researched the cuba trip like it was a masters paper.
He's well prepared, but - of course - we're both a bit emotional about his first "out of the country trip without one of us" trip.. thing... y...
Gah, whatever.
(may the godess protect him). :D

Dear United Kingdom:
(and, really... Dear Every-freaking-one:)
Every split second you spend thinking you will somehow limit, restrict or abolish social media tools ... because they were used by rioters... is seconds you will never get back.
That would be a bit like doing away with record-players because Hitler released a few EP's.
And besides... you're acting like you can get everything back in Pandora's Box.
You should know better.

True Blood - I like way they "sshhhhick" their fangs out.

K... so yeah. See ya soon.

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