Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 25

Yeah, ... elevator pics always remind me how bald I'm getting. :D

So I'm all in that g+ zone... "corto". Hook a brutha up... :D aka: It's circle time...

Still not sure I'm getting the big happy out of google+.
The thing I've always liked about LJ ... is the simple free form structure.
But I'm nothing if not flexible. :D

This is going to be a busy week.
And it started today.
Went to be wwwwwway too late,
Up early to drive Geo to school (second last day of summer school),
To client #1, then over to the QCH to meet suz for a consultation...
Back to work... sadly no gym...
Downtown to a new client org for an end-of-day presentation to a CIO and his best buds, along with a couple of execs from the galactic core.
Then home... :)

While my self-concept tends towards a belief that I'm a tolerant man,
I am truly a slave to my absolute frustration with organized religion.
Why, for example, is it so important for arabic people to self-identify with the name of their religion.
I mean - and I admit this openly - I really had no clue what it meant to be "muslim" for the longest time.
I thought it was "race"... or maybe "culture", alas (earwax) it turns out to be a religion... well, ok, a title given to someone who is "all about Islam" and Islam is the religion... a "monotheistic, Abrahamic religion" to be precise.
That is to say... it is NOT A CLUB. Nor is anglican, catholic, etc. etc. etc.
They're religions.
I've always found it mildly annoying when someone includes "catholic" (let alone "christian") in an introduction.
So it's only fair that I remain similarly annoyed with being told by someone that they're a jew... or that they're muslim.
Truly... I just don't care which load you choose to hang your spiritual hat on.
And it doesn't help when you make a big deal about it.
You're a person... not a vessel.

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