Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 20

~ see, there's this row of portrait style photographs of VIPs on the wall in the hall when I step out of the elevator at client #2's.
'cept the last two are empty. Empty!! Just waiting for a picture...
Temptation just wracks my head every time I look.
Alas... there's the old motto... do not screw with the clients... ever. :)

Pretty good day today.
I'm getting past the initial vibe from the shoulder injection... it's feeling pretty good today, but I'm not doing anything with it... except maybe raising my arm to get something off a shelf.
No upper body anything until Monday. :(

I know skating is all lower body and core... but if I have to bail... it becomes "all upper body" really fast...
So I think I'm going to be off skating till the doc says it's ok. :(

No gym today... Sushi...
SO MUCH SUSHI... I think I'm maxed on sushi for a while. lol.

Super hot day... and tomorrow is supposed to be very much worse. Like... it felt 39 out today (102 F)... and tomorrow? It' s'posed to feel like 45 at the worse... (113 F !!!!!! MF!!).
So yeah... hot tomorrow.

Oh... and my work life is just freaking crazy.
Just say'en...

Now... besides all that:
~ shoulder is doing better
~ suzy is awesome
~ I got to see the new Harry Potter
~ and my boys are healthy and happy.
LIfe is grand. :D

So just think...
If we weren't spending all this time and money on fighting a no-win, dumb as sticks, war in Afghanistan...
Imagine how much help we could be with the famine thing in Somalia.

And speaking of Somalia... where it's now an "official" famine,
Remember why they were in the news a few months back?
When Somalian pirates were capturing cargo ships in international waters.
Hostage dramas, guns, violence, looting...
And any power structures that still exist in Somalia... are inhibiting the flow of aid to the famine stricken.
A great big country, packed full of WINNERS.

Dear Everyone In The Middle East, and the Horn of Africa:
Please note that there is a shit load more of you than there are of the punk ass losers that claim to be your leaders.
Rise the heck up and deal with your problems people.
Stop screwing around waiting for someone else to come in and solve your problems.
K... thanks.

"Boob" makes a great verb.
Like... "Way to boob." would be an effort to compliment the way umm... they way she dresses or moves that presents a positive spin on... boobs.

~ k... see ya. :D

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