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Monday, July 18

~ :)
That's us... Saturday night on our birthday date night for suzy.
We had a really nice time.
Brookstreet spa and restaurant were a great treat my sweet pea. :)

I've been through all the stages of vicious sun burn...
Pretty feel as though I moulted over the last couple of days.
Now, of course, all the burned spots are tender itchy zones of irritated skin. :(

Then we invited both families over for birthday cake on Sunday night.
Our standard excuse for giving everything a really good clean...
And it's always always nice when I can look around and see my house full of people. :)

Oh and we "completed all things Stargate".
Quite literally, we've downloaded and watched every episode and movie every made of all the Stargate shows. :)
It was a total gas.
We're on to Farscape now.

And so I see another love-your-local-soldier bumper sticker.
"If you love your freedom, hug a vett"
Now... I realize talking about this is like talking about anything to do with israel (instant bad wrap)
but... I just do not get it.
I have plenty of reasons to appreciate the awesomeness of soldiers...
But please....
No canadian soldier, in the past 20 years, has died protecting my freedom.
At least not without taking several far fetched liberties in establishing causal relationships between my freedom and stupid people in far flung countries.
And no way in hell has the endless fighting in afghanistan or iraq (let alone freaking libya) done anything to make the world safer.
I realize we're saving lives in those countries... bombing the shit out of them... then rebuilding for upteen years... whatever...
But that's called "peacekeeping" ... and truly that has nothing to do with protecting my freedom.

Hey... are you following the events unfolding in wonderful Afghanistan?
The US super-general is heading out...
Troop withdrawls are underway...
And the nit wits are out in force.
As has been so often opined... that place will be as it was, maybe worse, about fifteen seconds after we leave.
Regardless of how long we stay.
We have made no difference.
We will never make any difference.
What a freaking waste.

Had the cortisone shot in my shoulder today.
At 4
Direct shot into the AC joint in my left shoulder.
Doc very meticulously locates and marks the exact spot she's going to stab...
And eh... not really terrible. Sharp stab that I had to really fight back tensing up over.
Tensing makes it harder to get the crap where she wants it to go...
Now I wait.

K... see ya. :)

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