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Hey... I'm back. I finished reading that LJ entry - I randomly surf the Journals sometimes and I landed in this thread about something really very tragic and today the girl that was posting followed up with a monster post that seemed to be a 'cathartic' expression of things surrounding the tragedy... I was speechless... it was so sad and surrounded by so much misfortune. Now, I'm the first kid on my block to say fuck off to Sunday night cry-fest movies - you know the type (i.e.) "Jessica's Story - The dramatic real life story of murder, suffering, pain, deception and loss" - so why I let myself feel soooo much for an anonymous LJ entry is the stuff of much self-analysis. This (LJ) really is a groovy forum to express yourself and express your pain. Anyways, now I'll follow along reading her LJ to see how well she gets along. Sometimes I wish I had infinite resources: I know for sure I'd spend a tonne of time trying to help people see over the fences that get thrown up in front of them. Money doesn't solve everything, but then you can always use loads of love to deal with the rest.

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