Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, July 11

We went to Calypso Water Park on Saturday.
We were bad parents... we totally failed to do enough sunblocking.
All four of us... burned up good.
... we had a great time, mind you, but yeah... that night, sunday... heck, today too... all about the pain. :(

I took one single picture of a chick in a bikini (besides zebra)... and that's her above.
I have zero control over smiling at pregnant chicks in bikinis.

Ed spent (literally) three hours plus in the massive wave pool (hence his sunburn).
Geo spent the day with his buddies... not re-applying sunblock.
Suz and I spent the day having a grand ol'time... wave pool, big slides, jungle river... and not reapplying enough sunblock.

Sunday was a bit of a fog - what with the wanting to scream in flaming body pain... lol
But today was a bit better. :) (still very tender shoulders.)
Got to the gym at lunch ... I need to spend a lot more time working on ab stuff... !!
Got to totally dig working for client #1. (nothing but good at this place... even the bad... is good.)
Back there tomorrow.

Back when Rupert Murdock was busy buying Myspace (because he figured - incorrectly - that he could use it to influence a generation of customers) Wired magazine was doing an article about what was wrong with the music business. The article had a lot to do with how everything in the world of "media" is really still being run by a small group of old farts with old ideas, old money, and old rules. All I could conclude after reading the story was that we were all pretty much hosed on any real solutions to our problems until these guys got around to becoming late... "late" as in past tense. Not that I wish them dead... only that I realize nothing is going to change until they are. They have that much control and power.
Yes, Rupert was one of them.
And I gotta say... I'm glad to see him doing flips and twists to get his clenched butt cheeks off the hot plate.
Just keep dancing Ruppee.

starting to look forward to the shot coming up on the 18th.
Frick'en shoulder is just nothing but a problem.
It's not a "sharp pain when i reach for things" anymore...
But it's just a constant reminder that there's a problem.... :(
Ah well... It's not stopping the summer of skate... and I can still work...
So I should count my blessings. :D

If you gain my compliance
by making promises
You really need to ready life up to your end
When I live up to mine.

See you soon. :D

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