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Friday, July 8

Dude... I just totally did not grok on the whole friday thing.
Like... client #1 on monday and tues, then client #2 on wed and thur...
Today just felt like a wednesday. Working for client #3 all day.
Yes... I eventually got it... and enjoyed it... but I really didn't glom on for most of the day.

got in gym time...
that made if a five for five (F.F.F., and F3 but honestly, 3F sounds better but triple-F just nails it.
So we're going with that...
I get five gym hits in a work week... and I'm going with a high five, chanting triple-F.

Oh and I got back to the park at the end of the day.
I'm really jazzed... just having a grand ol'fracking time.
For now, I'm working on this whole back-side thing.. and by "working on", I mean throwing myself across concrete, bouncing and scratching up my knee pads. (and stop conjuring up the goofy from "back-side").
See... I can go zoooming into a big ass bowl and power around the walls, doing this "pumping" thing that builds up momentum.
And I can drop in off a stupid high wall and scrape the coping on the other side, turning a nice 180 at the apex of the climb.
But ... the problem is I can only do it all "front side".
"Front Side" is like... turning in the direction I'm facing.
I stand "goofy foot" on my deck... Facing towards the left (right foot forward on the deck)
So, pretty much opposite of most everyone else.
This all means I can do all the wall running, but only facing forward.
I can't do them the opposite way.
Believe it or not, the issue is that I end up dizzy. !!!!
So I've been working on doing the back side.
And it's been working... :D :D :D
Yesterdays, "First pain-inducing-bail - aka: wipe out - of the season" was all about this.
But I've been nailing it big. (It's pretty exciting, actually... it's like a "new feeling" of euphoria associated with the ride....)
AND ... if I can really get it... It opens up new opportunities in the park. Some "routes" through the concrete only work if you can go through a bowl (or a wall) in a certain direction (which would be "front side" for most people, but because I skate goofy, I have to do it back-side.
Get it?

Cool huh... :)

How come I didn't know that you cant buy AC/DC music on iTunes?

So I'm on google+.
Two things:
1. I don't really know why anyone wants to confuse the whole blog-o-sphere issues even more than they are now. (but fine,... I'll try).
2. You know google is a bit scary sometimes. And by "scary" I mean, totally freaking cool how they aggregate all the information they have on me.

Ok. Time to go. :D
See ya.

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