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Wednesday, July 6

Downtown clients today... (and tomorrow).
Long days, head down kinda work.
But I had some good gym time at lunch.

Lotsa rain today... no big skate after work,
but I got a little skate in at the park in Kanata while grasshopper was at karate.

Made fish at dinner.
Need a skillet and a cover you can use on it...
Thaw some frozen fillets... sole, haddock, any of the easy whites .
Now... all on one cutting board, no separating, no clean up between items... just go for it....
Chop DICE the heck out a slice of red onion (the big guys).
Dice up a little parsley,
Chop up the fruity meat bits of a lemon wedge, with all the juice...
Smush a clove of garlic, and blob it into the lemon juice
Salt... fresh pepper,
And a tablespoon of veg oil.
Mix it all up on the cutting board, chop at it a bit...
Turn on a big skillet to hot!
Take half the stuff from the cutting board and rub it all over your fish pieces.
Scrape the rest into the hot skillet, and stir it around...
Lay the fish pieces out in the skillet over the stuff...
Put the cover on...
Cook for just a couple of mins... then turn off the heat and leave the cover on for another three or four minutes
No need to turn over the fish... (unless it's like an inch thick or something)
(this is all assuming you're using thin fish fillets... if they're thick, then up the time - of course).
Oh... and it's done.
Serve with whatever but it's gonna be delicious.

Casey Anthony
I admit that I only just read up on this case.
I read the wikipedia page at 2:00 pm yesterday...
Then watched the verdict live on
All because I saw a tweet from Penny (Big Bang Theory) that a verdict was coming...
Here's what I see...
Months of media manipulation telling the sensational to the armchair drama starved masses.
There's unanswered questions... for sure,
But she was found not guilty.
The jury didn't think she did it.
So why does everybody else?
(see the long sentence above that starts with "months of...")
A quick read of the story... makes me think she's a stupid vacant loser,
surrounded by more losers... and a couple of other folks in that loser circle... could have done it.
But I don't know squat...
What I really wanted to say was "Why does everyone think she did it, even though the jury doesn't?"

When did Beyonce turn into a white chick?

Almost every muscle in my body is sore.
I need advil and hot packs all over.
... I think I really need a good sleep tonight. :)

K... see ya. :D

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