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Monday, July 4

Hi :)

Have you done the netti thing?
Just say'en... that is some serious make strange.
Alas (earwax) totally necessary...
As I am the guy with the stuffed up liquid head.
Thank you whatever it is that just happened in mother nature.
Allergy season is a hellish thing.
Yes, I have meds... but that can't keep up with this !

We had a really great long weekend.
Lots of cooking... lots of not going to bed on time...
Good skate time, and plenty of yard stuff. :D

We've really been "home bodies" lately...
... and I'm not complaining. :D

Oh and I hate cars.
Hate hate hate.
Well... ok, hate hate, not hate hate hate.
or at least, all the money that gets sunk into cars...
Is all about hate!!! !

Today was good times.
Client #1 day... mini commute, great folks to work with... blah blah blah...
More of all that... getting into the new project and it's kinda fun. :)
Lonely gym time... but great work out,
Really going to town on the stretching, and abs.
Of course, that's still 'cuz my shoulder hates me.
Ended my work day with a trip to the sports med uber doc.
More on that below...
Then skate time.
Super hot still, but (as usual) I change in a starbucks, and hit the concrete in shorts and a tee.
Really seriously having a great deal of fun with this lately...
Dropping in off every wall with ease and working on a back side wall 180's...
because it's just not something I could ever do. ('till now...)
And pizza for dinner. :D

Happy Independence Day to all y'all down in the Land That George Built.
(deep weird voice) "Peace!"

So yeah... left shoulder is the problem.
Right shoulder was the problem last year, but is super good now (thank you TTA).
Doc reading the xrays explains...
"Oddly enough, your arthritis is worse in the right shoulder."
And all I hear is "arthritis" but apparently this is just a normal comparative factor for someone... (gah!) my age.
I'm waiting to get an appointment for an MRI of the soft tissue,
But she's pointing directly at my AC joint for other treatment.
I've got a lot of pain in the AC and she thinks a cortisone injection would help.
Now I need to understand the implications of that.
If it's good to go, it goes in on July 18.
She explained more about details of my left shoulder joint and the way it extends down more than the right and more than it should...
blah blah blah...
It's compicated. lol
We'll see what the MRI tells us, but after the AC deal is dealt with, it's going to be all about a lot of key exercises and stretches to get things going again!
Such a giant pain in the ass. :(

There is no excuse for "dangling participles" to be a pedestrian term for a "part of speech".
And don't get me started on that planet name!!!

Ok... time to go.
Have a great night muchachos, y muchachas... :D

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