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Monday, June 27

Arrrgggg!! and stuff like that... :D
(Had a great time skating tonight... :D)

Had a pretty good day at work too.
Great gym time with friends,
and, then the sad part... My poor stupid car.

I am avoiding 50% of the price of a break job at my mechanics by having a friend do it in his garage.
So he gets the parts... pads and disks... and we set about to start swapping parts,
Well... I now know what something called a "Caliper" is... because I got a seized one. :(

So now my little car will be broken until tomorrow night.

You know, there are times when I listen to the news-of-the-world I hasten to the often found conclusion...
There are some seriously dumb ass nations out there.
It goes on with...
They can complain and whine about our "western culture" but besides your run-of-the-mill crime, we are not busy getting blown up by the people that are supposed to be our government and leaders....
And I end with the general notion that we are better off with "our ways" and those other folks... are freak'en losers.!


It's not even funny how you can so easily and clearly demonstrate that the ONLY LASTING impact of holding a G20 summit anywhere is the legacy of the protests that take place. What ever the hell they talk about at their summit... (that could all have freak'en done on skype, btw) is pathetic and forgotten.
Such is the case with our own Canadian story-of-wonder for last years G20 (and G8) meetings, held in and near Toronto, Ontario.
All we really have to show for it... is a big stupid tax payer bill and more proof that our police service is remarkably flawed.
You know what would be a great protest at the next G20... if nobody showed up at all.
Not a single protestor. Everybody just took a pass.
The hoards of police and their giant fences, dogs, and "red zones" would be silent and dumb looking.
The media would report "nobody gives a crap about these loser G20 dudes anymore..."
And that would be way more satisfying.
Ear wax.

If I could give my greatest gift,
I would not labour long in the choosing.
You would know love as I do,
And conclude that I chose well.

K... time to go. :)
See ya soon.

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