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Tuesday, June 21

Welcome to summer 2011!! :D

Went to see my "specialist" today...
As much as I'd like to play up the fun we could have with "specialist"...
She's my sports med doc.
And she's a bit concerned about the shoulder not having made more progress.
It's x-ray, MRI and likely steroid injection time... weeeeee...

I had a pretty good day today.
Saw the doc first thing...
Then downtown clients,
The gym,
Lunch with a very nice, very british, past-co-worker who will likely be a future co-worker... :)
More work and then the skatepark for happy feet time.
The park is getting busy ... high schools are in exam mode around here so... the kids are out in force.
Two collisions... neither one was bad, but I did have to do a massive bail on a wall and dive it out....

My brother (Rob) got married on Saturday.
It was awesome... just perfect weather, in a glass shelter, by the water, in a beautiful park.

Mr. and Mrs. Bro!! :D

Going golfing tomorrow afternoon. :)
Golf-Toury with Client 1 (official new designation for my new contract with fav clients).
(and I will most definitely blame my shoulder for bad shots!! :D)


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