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K... extra busy day,
Marked by bus rides. :(
Got dropped at the park'n'ride and took the rocket downtown...
Work, seminar (see below) and more work.
Then a long bus ride to get me close enough to walk to my mech so I could get my car.
ahhhh... then starbucks (first coffee of the day!!!!!) and the skatepark.
(exceptionally good time... again, see below). :D

Now it's all about relaxing. Long and busy day with a seriously busy day tomorrow.

Did I mention "Shock Wave"?
TTA* introduced me to a new toy... after plying her stock and trade "Active Release Technique" make me a pretzel therapy.
Niew toy? The "shock wave" therapy for certain muscle and tendon issues (among others).
Super nasty "sound waves" blast outta this thing and target... the already sore spots.
As TTA says to me before she starts... "Ok... you're gonna feel this..."
Anyways... number two shock wave treatment tomorrow.

* Tracy The Awesome
[ :: Montgomery Massage ::]

I have this certification as a "governance auditor" that needs to be maintained via the collecting of these "credits"
and I get the credits from taking courses, and attending seminars....
Today was a seminar.
Subject... The head of the Fed Accounting office... er... the Canadian Gov "Comptroller" was going to talk about audits.
thing is... he couldn't make it.
So his second in command (think "vice principal") gave the show.
Nice guy, super smart, achieved a lot...
But I almost offered the guy beside me all the cash I had on me to kill me with a butter knife.
Like... four times.
Just say'en.

See, the process of learning how to drop in on a but-tightening-scary concrete ramp
(well documented [ :: HERE :: ] ) left me with little doubt that it was an all or nothing issue.
And I've done it enough to make it honestly... easy. Muscle memories, etc.
However, the lurking fear remains... anything goes wrong... it's insane bail, crash, burn time.
Well today I had to bail when I was dropping in off a reasonably high wall.
(bad feet on the board and lost balance at the curve transition)
AND I didn't crash and burn.
I ran through it without even thinking.
It's the same kinda feeling as when I had a big wall bail last summer and just rolled through it without a scratch.
That is to say... it's a great feeling... to know your body is on the ball with the game.

K... see ya. :)

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