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Monday, June 13

Well things sure have a way of getting busy when you're not looking.
My bro is getting married this weekend...
I'm starting a new contract on wednesday...
My car had a total failure of cohesion...
(the big wooden blocks connected to the steering wheel are broke)
~ total dogs breakfast... dropped my car off last night and, after handing over a fortune, I'll get it back tomorrow. :(***
And I got a punk ass schedule all week long.

The weather idiots are calling for sunshine...
I may be able to get my center with a few trips to the skatepark....

Ah... who am I kidding.
Life is busy and I'm the luckiest guy in the universe.
I'm reminded of that every single time I open my eyes. :D

ps. Game six is just starting. They're (the media and fan base) are sure making a major big ass deal out of this... lol.

Canadian press subjet'du'jour is about some new rule or new controversy about prostitution.
And after all that report'en, I still don't know what the actual news item is... just shows to go ya.
What I did take away was content concerning some organization that is working tirelessly to put an end to it...
no really.
Prostitution and twinky's!
Two things that will be around looooooong after we're all dead and gone.
If I had a vote... I say start working today towards a long term goal of giving the whole concept ... more class, more respect.
That can only pay everyone back in spades.

Dig it... just about to start a contract back at the organization I spent a couple of years at... so many friends.
(and it's a 15 minute commute !!!)

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios... seriously good finger snack food. :)

K... time to go.

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