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Wednesday, June 8

Hola. :)
Still working on the muscle memory thing...
Skated for an hour after work... with a vast storm brewing in the background.
Crazy lightening time ... and then the rain hit. (after I got in the car to go! :D)

Good day with the downtown clients...
Got to play with critters.
Big iguana, a great horned owl (named Alexandria btw),
And this girl... (whose name I did not get)

She was amazing. So deliberate... soft ... and sooo strong.
(Python... a "constrictor" .... except it doesn't see humans as food, so she doesn't have any reason to be all squeezy. :D)
It was all part of a display in the lobby of my clients' building.

I'm chilling at 'bucks as I wait for grasshopper to finish karate class...
It's all rainy and stuff... so no "Kill time at skatepark" tonight. (but I got really good skate time in earlier, so ... it's all good.).

Dear Canadian Postal Workers Union:
Have fun with that strike guys.
I could not possibly care less and I hope the post office has to lay more of you off after you drive more business away.
Personally, I would think - in this economy - you'd be down right happy to have your jobs and not be all bitchy about more sick time, more raises, and more benefits.
I'm pretty sure I could fill a stadium with Canadians that would love to have your hard job...
Lets see... count to 10 over and over for about 3 hours every day...
And that's full time middle income family time.
Bite me.
Why hello FedEx. :D

The police in Montreal shot a homeless guy.
He was acting out... tipping over garbage cans, and AND brandishing a knife.
So they chased his homeless ass and shot him dead.
Yeah... and just for fun, one of the bullets that didn't kill homeless guy,
Still got to live up to it's little Bullet Destiny by hitting a random passer by...
Dude riding his bicycle to work at the local hospital... He's dead too.
In my books that's called MURDER.
A spokesperson for the Surete du Quebec (or however you spell that), the provincial police who investigate municipal cop shootings, had the giant brass testicles to go on the radio and say that hospital worker dude was... "in the wrong place at the wrong time."
WOW!!! Way to blame the innocent passer by for cops screwing up on the job.
He was most definitely in the right place... going to work... at the right time... his normal commute time.
No! I'm sorry but it was the cop that was doing something wrong... wrong time, wrong place, wrong gun, wrong reaction, wrong level of force, wrong wrong wrong.
But thanks for blaming the guy the cops MURDERED.
Dick heads.

This October will be our twentieth anniversary.
But we had four years under our belt before we got all married up.
Twenty... twenty four!!
And we have never been happier than we are now.
Not to say we weren't happy before, but dude...
These days ... feel like rewards. :)

K... see ya. :D

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